Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Another baby post

I realize that all I talk about these days is being pregnant, but I figure I can get away with it at 40 weeks pregnant. :)

We went to the Dr yesterday and found out some surprising (and not so exciting) news. Baby Girl is BREECH. Ugh. There are different options I am weighing right now. The Dr can try to move her around, I could get a c-section or I could wait and see if she turns. I am already overdue though, so waiting seems like a crazy thought, but so does a c-section. I've never had one before and the thought of it terrifies me. I absolutely realize that people have to do that every day and they are perfectly fine. I am just a baby. ;-)

Right now, we are praying. When we left the appointment yesterday our Dr told us to get a prayer chain going (he knows we are pastors) and to get this baby moving on her own!! We have so many people praying for us and I have such a peace about the whole thing. I have been doing different exercises to encourage baby to move on her own. I can't tell if she has moved or not. The only thing I haven't tried is laying upside down on an ironing board, propped up against the couch. Ha! (It really is recommended)

So, we wait! And we wait. I will go in Wednesday morning and see if the baby has turned. I have a feeling that we are going to be in for a ride with this one. I'm sure that when she's 16 I'll be on my knees in prayer for other things too.

In other news, look at this girl. She is a mess. M.E.S.S. She is something else, I tell you.Don't let this picture full you. That face says, " leave me alone, I'm eating."

This week she told me:

"I am the boss. You are the mommy."
"Okay, you can get out of that chair now so I can sit there..."

While talking to her baby dolls:

"You were a bad girl today. You did not listen to the momma". (Yes..."TO THE MOMMA")

She may be a mess, but she is our mess. Her sweet side comes out every once in awhile too....:)


lani said...

thinking of you and praying for baby girl to turn around! did you know when i was pregnant with caitlin i pushed hard for 3 hours straight and then we had to do an emergency c-section (turns out she was face up). so i "got" to experience a little of both worlds. not fun. anyway, we were surprised about having to do a c-section but it was all ok. hoping that things work out for the best for you!

Francesca said...

Oh my goodness. This made me laugh - I suspect you'll be on your knees in prayer for this one before 16!!

Sending you and baby Madison a lot of love. We're glad you're both OK - can't WAIT to meet her! xoxoxoxo