Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yay for 2011

  • 38 weeks pregnant. - I feel good. I feel ready, but I feel good. I am pretty tired at night and have a hard time walking at times, but I feel good. Had a great Dr.'s appointment today. Nothing new, but while I was there I was getting put off by how long I had to wait in the exam room and then realized that my Dr. had been in the same room for over 30 min. When I heard him come out, I realized that things seemed to get very serious and a lady came out with him crying. I don't know what exactly happened, but I am pretty sure it wasn't great news. When he came in and did my exam he ended the appointment by telling me how glad he was that I was doing great and sometimes the less exciting appointments are the best ones because it means things are going well with baby. He reminded me of how healthy I am. I needed that. I realized that I have been complaining so much about how "miserable" I am and yet there are people out there who are suffering the loss of their babies or receiving hard news. I left so grateful. So humbled. I left truly being reminded of how blessed I am.
  • Jackson and Reagan are doing really well these days. Reagan is Miss Princess 2011. Jackson is all about his drums. They both adore each other and have learned to play so well together. They are really getting excited about baby and talk about her all the time. Reagan has named her "Madison", but we'll see...;) I am so proud of them and have been struggling a little with how it won't be just the 4 of us anymore. I know those feelings will change, it's just a little strange to think about. I am currently praying and seeking God right now about specific scriptures to pray over Jackson and Reagan. I really sense that God wants me to focus on that this year.
  • Jason and I are just so thankful to see what God is doing in our lives. Jason was recently announced as the campus pastor for our Redland Campus. If that confuses you, it is not a different location. It's where we are at now and it's not a video venue site. As I had been praying at the beginning of last year, I knew that the Lord was going to be calling Jason to a new level in his leadership, but didn't know how that looked. Now that it is fleshing out, I see exactly what he was preparing me for. I am so proud of Jason and I so love that we get to do ministry together. Thank you, Jesus!
  • I am ready to see what God does this year. I am blown away already by what He is doing.
Yay for 2011

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Jennifer C said...

Yay for 2011 is right!! God is so good. Can't wait to meet your sweet baby girl. :)