Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What's going on.

I am still here with a baby inside of me.

That's weird. A baby is inside of me?? Still gets to me, even after having 2. Sometimes it's neat to think about and I realize how amazing God is. And then's just weird. A BABY IS GROWING INSIDE OF ME!?

That baby should be here soon. I would have liked for to have been here last week, but I have feeling she won't be coming until next. She is taking her precious time...I don't know if she is stubborn or just doesn't want to cause me pain too soon. I'm hoping for the later because that is a nicer characteristic.

So much has been going on. Over the past 2 weeks I have been humbled, overwhelmed, grateful, hormonal, blessed and challenged.

1. 2 very special friends came over and surprised me with a room makeover for Reagan and the baby. I can not begin to describe to you how amazing it is. AMAZING. However, my camera battery died and I can't take pictures. Therefore, I really suck and can't show you what it looks like. Here are 2 that I took with my iPhone, but they really don't do it justice. (plus the bed looked a little messy..I will get better pics!!) I have never been so humbled in my entire life!!! It is so beautiful. A million thank-you's to Jenn & Daphne. I love you!

2. There is a lot of drama going on in my family. That's all I'll say. Except I'll also say that I'm 39 weeks pregnant and I'm quite proud of myself for how I am holding it together...and yet I think it's crazy....and absurd...and nuts....but that's all I'll say.

3. I am on maternity leave already. I am enjoying the downtime....except I'm angry every morning I wake up without a baby.

4. God is so good. He just is. I hope you know that too. God IS GOOD. That is what I wake up with and go to sleep with every night. I know there are painful things happening out there...I see very close to me...but I still know that God is faithful and that he is GOOD! Thank you, Jesus!

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Amy said...

What a beautiful room!!! I can't wait to see it in person :-)