Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Slap in the face.

I have been super aware of my need for Jesus lately. I don't know if you have ever felt like that, but it's where I am at and it's slapping me in the face.

I was thinking about all the people around me who need Jesus. I pray for them, but I probably think too much about the things they are doing and how I immediately think, "sinner!" Isn't that horrible of me!!??

Well, they do need Jesus, but I always make it more about the sin and not the fact that they are living apart from God who just wants to show them how much He loves them.

But lately, I have been realizing my own need to know this. I know that I love God with all my heart, but I have somehow let the weight of my own sin go unnoticed. It is very easy for me to notice someone else's and forget that I am a sinner saved by grace....but still a sinner.

I had a conversation with Jason, Jenn & Galen the other night about some of this. I left thinking I was too bossy and wondered what my motivation behind the whole "reaching the lost" thing was about. My heart felt right about it, but it occurred to me (I'm sure the Lord had something to do with this) that I really needed to recognize that my sin makes me NO different than anyone. No one.

Not one single person. God loves every. single. created. being.

You would think I would know this. And I believe I have, but I know it for real this time.


I think that the humbling process is hard, but that it makes room for God to do something incredible.

Now, let's see what He does.


Aaron + Breanna said...

We all need to be slapped in the face. I am regularly needing to be reminded of this very fact. So thank you for the slap in the face! :)

Jennifer C said...

And I left the conversation thinking that I really needed to get some more mercy, compassion, and more of a heart for the lost...I am really glad that we had the conversation that we did...it was real, honest, and challenging. Love you...:)

Phelps said...

Thanks for slapping me too! The longer you are a Christian the harder I think it is for you to remember that you are not sinless either. Love you

Sandy Powers said...

It is a humbling experience when we are reminded of our own inadequacy in walking with God. I had that same experience this morning. But what you say is pretty liberating too. I mean, to realize that we really are all in the same boat in our unanimous inability to always do it right, so maybe we can pick ourselves up after not measuring up and really rest in the assurance that God will still believe in us and still help us to get it right more often as we grow with him. Great post, Nat-Nat!