Monday, May 10, 2010

The birds at the zoo hate me.

The kids and I went to the zoo. The birds hate me there. We tagged along with Jenn and the her kiddos. Her poor Jackson was sick, so that made for 2 mommas with 5 kids!

Everything was easy the first half of the day. There was a cool breeze, but I was prepared and packed every jacket I had.

Everyone was happy.....Except Reagan. She pretty much sat there the whole time with her blanket and "mimi" and did not smile. This look says, "Leave me alone. Stop taking pictures of me. Give me your credit card and let me get out of here." I'm sure a sign of what's to come.
But Luke was happy. :)
We saw Rhino's...
And pretty birds....(the good ones)
A little while later the kids got hungry. So, we found the "beach area" so the kids could play in the water and eat their lunch.
And then Jenn left me. And the world fell apart.

Luke fell and cut himself because I wasn't watching. I wasn't watching because a bird pooped all over my lunch. Then, with the bird poop in hand I ran to get Luke who was screaming and crying. I know someone was watching all of this and shaking their head in disbelief. "Ahh...look at her not paying attention to those children!"

We got all that settled and then Reagan knocked over Jenn's diet coke that she had just bought. And we all know how much we love a good fountain diet coke. I sat Reagan down and another bird pooped all over me. Gross.

I went to buy another diet coke and while walking there with Reagan in the stroller, my diet coke spilled out and then someone next me looked up and said, "Oh look it's raining bird poop." And there I was standing right under it. Why God didn't take me right then and there, I don't know.

They were wondering the same thing....

After an hour of realizing that my luck had run out we decided to leave. All the kids were freezing cold and I redeemed myself as a useful part of this world when I pulled out all my jackets for them.

Except this is what they looked like......
Ahh...good times.


Phelps said...

Laughing my butt off!

Aaron + Breanna said...

Sorry for your luck, Nat, but that made me laugh my head off... again! :) And the pics are great. AND I love your new blog design!

Jennifer C said...

Okay...that made me laugh so hard! The last picture is soooooo funny...Tucker looks ridiculous! ha ha I promise to never leave you alone again at the zoo. :) LOL