Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Weekend News

What a lovely weekend it was. Friday I had a creative stage design meeting with some fun ladies. We colored, sketched, surfed the internet for ideas and ate lots of food. Fun times.

Saturday, Jason did taxes. The end. Jk.

We pretty much hung out the rest of the day, went grocery shopping and watched Tombstone. Jason knows every single line to that movie. It was a little annoying, but I have to say it was quite impressive too. I didn't remember seeing the movie, but I really enjoyed Val Kilmer's role in it! Fantastic character!

Sunday was church. Of course. Great day it was though. I am really enjoying leading worship. God is so good and I love seeing where he is taking our congregation in worship. Powerful stuff. Pastor Sean's message was VERY timely for me. I love River City. We spent Sunday evening in Gruene. Just our little family. We had dinner, drove home listening to ABBA at full blast, laughed until we cried and talked about dreams we have. Twas wonderful. :)

Other big news...Aaron & Breanna (most awesome siblings-in-law's) made a huge announcement. They have felt the call to start a multi-site for River City! It will be on the north side (Bandera), so that means they will be moving away from us. I am actually really sad about that. Our kids have pretty much grown up with each other. I don't think there goes a week without seeing them at least 2 or 3 times. Breanna has been such a blessing to me. She watches them for me on Friday's and they LOVE her as much as we do. For 6 years we have lived within 5 miles of each other....or less. I will just miss them being so close, but I am THRILLED at where God is taking them. Pray for them on this new journey. God is going to do great things through this family!

We have Monday's off and enjoyed every bit of it yesterday. We did some much needed clothes shopping for Jackson and I finally got myself a pair of new running shoes. We also wanted to celebrate Aaron and Bre's new life journey and invited them over for dinner. Jason made (although I was over his shoulder ever 5 seconds) The Pioneer Woman's pasta with bacon and mushrooms. Oh my word. Delicious...

And we watched Tombstone again. That made for 2 Powers boys who knew every single line. Lucky me.

A few little pictures I took this weekend.....

I posted this wreath a few months ago. I bought it for $2 at Walmart. I finally did something with it. I like my little "spring" wreath.

Guess who's up to no good? I found her in the car by herself. She was just sitting in the drivers seat. Her little head was bobbing up and down thru the front window. What a stinker!

Happy Tuesday!

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