Sunday, March 07, 2010

My dearest love.

I sure do love this guy.

We went to a wedding this weekend. I had to sing and he married them. It was at the same church we got married in. Held a lot of memories for me.

I was actually quite emotional about it. My MIL was there and we were both crying.....of course it was a happy crying.

We've had a lot of stress in our life over the past year, but there is one thing that never has failed...our love for one another. I am more in love with him than ever before.

I suppose that is a good place to be when life gives you obstacles.

He's my dearest love. :)


Amy Davis said...


Kara said...

Very sweet! When Ian and I were at our reception, someone said "Hey, did you guys know this place used to be a strip club?" That's all I think about now when I see our reception site. I'm glad your memories are, umm, better than mine! :)

Phelps said...

Great Picture of you guys! You are so beautiful!

Jason said...

Kara - not better... just... um... different? or something.

Phelps - Thanks Terra, I thought my hair was a little frizzy and then there's that hemorrhage on my lip, but I believe you if you say so.

Natalie - <3