Monday, March 15, 2010

Like A Child

I used to love Jars of Clay. Still do...

This song was a favorite of mine and I started listening to it again. I really love this song and it resonates with me in more ways than one right now...

Dear God, surround me as I speak,
The bridges that I walk across are weak
Frustrations fill the void that I can't solely bear
Dear God, don't let me fall apart,
You've held me close to you
I have turned away and searched for answers I can't understand

They say that I can move the mountains
And send them falling to the sea
They say that I can walk on water
If I would follow and believe
With faith like a child

Sometimes, when I feel miles away
And my eyes can't see your face
I wonder if I've grown to lose the recklessness
I walked in light of you

They say that love can heal the broken
They say that hope can make you see
They say that faith can find a Savior
If you would follow and believe
With faith like a child


Aaron + Breanna said...

That was an absolutely fabulous song and album. Need to pull that out of the archives and start listening to it again. Also LOVE Worlds Apart and Love Song for a Savior!

Amy Davis said...

They are going to be at Sea World in San Antonio May 15th. Tried to see if they are selling you think you can get in with just admission to the park??? If so, we should do that! So much fun!