Monday, March 22, 2010

Gruene, Texas

I love my worship team at River City. Great group of people. Love them all. :)

Last Friday, 2 of the girls from the team called me up and asked if I wanted to spend the day with them. We (plus 2 others) usually get together weekly to hang out, pray together, sing like divas and we are getting ready to start the book "Captivating". (Which I might add is a great book).

Because I love them, I said yes. :) We wanted to go to Fredricksburg, but due to schedules and having the kids, we opted for Gruene. I love going to Gruene. It's only a 20-25 minute drive and has great restaurants and places to walk around. When we got there Reagan broke out into a rash all over her body. Her legs and arms started swelling up, so I had to run to get Beneydrl. About 5 minutes later she was doing much better. (Turns out she had Fifth Disease...but she's fine now.)

We ate at the Gristmill for lunch. Hung out. Walked around a little. Played with the kids and jammed to Taylor Swift on the way home.

I love these girls. I love their hearts. Their passion for God. Their worship. Their sweet spirits. And the fact that they just like to plain have FUN. God has something awesome for them.

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Sandy Powers said...

I love seeing our worship leaders off the stage, having fun, enjoying each other like this. No wonder there is such an amazing chemistry that radiates from the stage to our hearts each week! :) Gruene looks so beautiful dressed in its spring flowers too :)