Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Slow Monday's and new gadgets

This is pretty much what we did yesterday.
Laid low and took pictures of ourselves.

Just kidding....

I just love this boy. We have Monday's off and I so enjoy that I get to spend them with my kids. Jack will go to kindergarten in less than 2 years...I'm enjoying all I can get!

We had a great day off. Spent time at Costco and ate for $6 as a family, plus samples. So exciting, huh? Both of our Ipods broke and since we have both been running it really stinks to not have music...so we bought this yesterday. :) We are sharing it....

Jason: It's mine. She will get to use it when I allow her to.

We will see. That green chair is looking pretty great in my living room....:)

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Phelps said...

OH i love your hat! You look so cute in it!