Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weary, yet GREAT!

I'm tired. Weary. Need a vacation. Hormonal.

You probably realize by now that I am either up or down. But isn't every woman? I hope so. :)

I'm down tonight. Down on the couch, that is. Sneezing. Cold. Headache. Watching the Golden Globes. Ate pizza for dinner. Tweeting. But still tired and weary....and still need that vacation. Or at least a few hours.

And then, a dear friend messaged me. Said she would watch my children.... for a few hours... this week... said Jason and I could have a few hours to ourselves. God bless her. I have hope. A simple act of kindness lead to hopes of a new me.

Thank you, God.

Tomorrow I will wake up. Happy. Calm. Collected. (Still sneezing) Will probably right about how great I am. But again, isn't that every woman?


Dawn said...

congrats on the free time! i found your blog too! :) it was great tweeting the Globes with you last night.

Sandy Powers said...

Nat, I love the new look of your blog! It's so creative and so you. It radiates "home" :)

I'm sad hearing about how weary you were Sunday night, knowing all that happened yesterday! :( Life can be so stressful! I'm praying for everyone in our family to be given a supernatural peace that shelters us as we walk thru these stressful times! I love you so much!