Monday, January 04, 2010

A New Look

A new year always calls for a new look. I don't mean a new "look" for outer image (although sometimes that it is nice to get my hair highlighted, to lose 15 more lbs and get new clothes...and maybe my teeth whitened, a pedicure, and a tan...okay, STOP!)...but what I really mean is a new look for my soul, for my walk with God and a new look at life.

This year my mom bought me a beautiful new journal. I love the scripture on the front and want to hold onto it's promise. "The joy of the LORD is your strength." Nehemiah 8:10. I believe it's such confirmation to what God has been speaking to me about. Like my blog stats, I want to live a life that reflects beauty, joy and praise. And not just a "Oh look it's happyyy Natalie!", but a joy that only comes from the Lord. The kind that you can't even explain. True Joy.

So, in honor of my new journal I had to create a new space. I am all about pretty & comfy and I think they can both be present at the same time. I have a space in my kitchen that I absolutely love. So, with a few throw pillows and some lighting I created my perfect "quiet" space. Here's to my new look!


Jennifer C said...

great idea! such a pretty space...I may need to make one for myself!

Phelps said...

I love it!

Kara!!! said...

I wish I could pick out coordinating pillows. I think I'm color blind. For reals.