Friday, January 22, 2010


Such a wonderful day today. Went to work. Had lunch at Pizza Italia with some wonderful ladies. Fun fact: Their margarita pizza rocks.

I had to get my kiddos from Bre's house. I'm so lucky to have a such a great sister-in-law. She watched them every Friday for me until around lunch time (or sometimes after). It's such a blessing to me. Plus, they LOVE her.

We made a trip to Walmart where I purchased these for my table....
I have needed some new placemats, but some that were kid friendly. Although I didn't plan on leaving them out, I actually like them there.

And this.....
I plan on making something of this wreath (for spring), but haven't decided what. Because it was only $2, I went ahead and bought it.

Jason came home from work with 2 new books. I am actually really wanting to read this one. I've heard great things about it. If you know Jason at all, then you know that he is a book freak. He comes home with a new book all the time. One day we will have house with a space for him to have all his books....or I'll have to create one somehow in the house we have now.

Later, my friend Amanda came over to get our Felicity movies. We have every season and she and her husband wanted to start watching them. She posted it on twitter and I happened to read that they were interested in seeing it. I love Felicity. I may start watching it again after they are done. Jason and I enjoyed visiting with Amanda and her kiddos. I love it when people drop by our house. We love the Espinoza's!

Around dinner time I got a call from my baby sisters. Their 16 (twins) and not so "baby" anymore, but I I don't mind calling them that still. They have been wanting to come over for weeks, so I went to pick them up to stay the night with us. We had Bill Millers, stovetop popcorn, watched The Proposal & The Wedding Date and had loads of fun. I felt 16 again. I love these moments.

We kinda kicked poor Jason out of the house. Well, he actually kicked himself out! Ha. But he was a great sport about it. He took his new books, got a haircut and treated himself to Caparelli's italian food. In fact, I think he rather enjoyed the time to himself.

All in all, it was a great day!

Happy Weekend!


Phelps said...

Crazy Love! Nicole told me to read that book...I guess the author use to speak out their Christian college!
PS The kitchen looks GREAT!

Dawn said...

That does sound like a really fun day! I love your kitchen. And I haven't read Crazy Love but I just finished Forgotten God (his second and newer book). It was great!

Amanda said...

I am glad I could be a part of your fun day! :) Your kitchen looks great. I never spend money on my house, but if I do I will want your help to make it pretty. :)