Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Memories

We recently took some pictures and I couldn't believe how much our kids have changed! Time sure does fly.
We didn't capture one of Jack looking at the camera,
but this one made my heart warm.
This is the first Christmas that Jackson has actually understand.
It's been a joy to see it through a child's eyes.

He loves and ADORES his "Baby Sister".
Our little "Rae" of sunshine.
She is now 11 weeks old and is already weighing 12 lbs!!!!

When we went to get her shots last week I couldn't believe
how big she was. And....she is
sleeping through the night already.

I'm excited for more Christmas Memories. I couldn't be more blessed.

P.S. Jason turns 32 this Friday!

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Jason said...

Thanks for rubbing it in.