Saturday, October 11, 2008

14 days...and counting

Today Reagan is 14 days old. Crazy!

Things have been going pretty well for the Powers Family. Our family is healthy again and growing each day. I am starting to realize that going from 1 to 2 is a lot harder than I thought. It's not that it's the hardest thing ever, it's just a transition for us. Keeping Jackson entertained while taking care of a newborn is a bit challenging. Other than that, we are finding our way.
Reagan seems to be growing like a weed. She eats all the time. We have nicknamed her Chunky Monkey. I'm not sure she will appreciate that in about 16 years. I'll have to come up with something else by then. Jason and I are doing great, but exhausted. On Friday I realized that I am doing too much too soon. My body is not taking that well either and seems to be going backwards in it's recovery. So, I am making sure to put my feet up more and not mop my floors like I did on Tuesday. (But they look really good!)

Highlights of my week:

*Walking to the park with Jack and Reagan. Even if we did get there to only turn right back was fun.

*Painting rocks in the front yard with Bre, Abby and Carson on a beautiful, cool morning.

*All the great meals from great friends! Seriously, thank you.

*Being taken care of by my husband. Babe, I know that I am a hormonal wreck, but thank you for your patience and your love. I love you..from Texas to Heaven to God.


Michelle said...

Happy two weeks baby girl!!

I love you Natalie

Jason Powers said...

I love you too.

Jennifer C said...

Saw you at church today and wanted to give you a hug, but I'm sure you were bombarded by people who wanted to give you hugs!! Know that I am praying for you during this transition. From someone who needs to take her own advice...put your feet up more!:)