Tuesday, September 23, 2008

God is my.....

This morning I am thinking through some creative elements for our worship service this weekend. As I have been meditating on the attributes of God and really thinking through them...I have been struck at how much this excersise is speaking to me.

This actually all began last night when Jason asked me how I am seeing God lately. I told him that God is my provider. He is my provision. That has been so comforting to me even this morning as I struggle with worrying about our future with new baby and what this all brings! I have seen the Lord provide for Jason and I time and time again in multiple ways. For example, our children. We have been so blessed by people giving gifts, time and love. It is truly God providing through His people. What a perfect picture of the church. It's easy to get caught up in the "job", but thank you Lord for humbling us every time we do.

I guess this is something we could all think about? How are you seeing God in your life lately? What has He been to you? For you? Enjoy. ;)

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Jennifer C said...

So funny...I was answering that exact same question in the Bible study I am doing right now and I had the exact same answer. He is my provider and I am so incredibly grateful for that!:)