Thursday, July 10, 2008

Where's Natalie?

Those of you who go to River City with me may have noticed that I wasn't there last weekend. I actually won't be there for July and possibly August. I have been venturing over to our new multi-site campus in New Braunfels to lead, build and equip the worship team there. Things are going great so far! So, if you were wondering, that is where I will be!

Please continue to pray for that leadership team as they reach out to the New Braunfels community.

P.S. I would LOVE to put a picture on here of my hair, but our camera broke. :( I'm really trying to find someone who can take a picture of it and my prego belly, but everytime I do that it seems to not work. I will just have to break down and get that camera fixed!

1 comment:

lani said...

i carry our digital camera in my purse (never know when a cute baby pic will present itself!)so if i see ya around church, or you are in the neighborhood just knock on my door(well,your old neighborhood before you moved),and you still havent had a photo taken i'd be glad to do it!