Wednesday, July 23, 2008

30 Weeks and pictures...finally

Here is what you've all been waiting for! Yay!!! Enjoy.

In other news, I had my 30 week check-up today. I'm officially visiting the doctor every 2 weeks. A couple of exciting things. I do not have Gestational Diabetes. Yay! AND, so far I've only gained about 14 lbs. I lost a few this time, but nothing to worry about. I did that with Jackson too. A couple of not so exciting things.....First, I have GBS. Group B Strep. I had this with Jackson too and all they need to do is give me antibiotics when I go into labor. This is just to make sure that nothing passes to the baby. The only bummer is that I'm allergic to penicillin and that is what they would normally give you. So, I have to make sure that I remind the doctor and nurses to not give me that. Not such a big deal. I get to stay in the hospital for a full 48 hours too. I was actually thankful last time because of how exhausted I was and North Central Baptist nurses were GREAT to me.

Now for the real bummer!!! Jason and I were planning on going to Houston at the end of August to see an Astros game. That puts me at about 36 weeks. My doctor told me today (pretty firmly) that we couldn't travel. There were too many risks involved. Did you know that if you travel and end up going into labor that your insurance could possibly deny you??? If they dig deep enough and find out that your doctor told you not to go they could choose not to cover you. Crazy! So, yeah....I was pretty bummed and so was Jason. We were really looking forward to seeing that game and a couple of our best friends. :( I guess it will have to wait and it's well worth it anyway!

So, there is my news and my pics. The 2nd one is a TERRIBLE picture of me. That outfit is not flattering at all and it was from Jason's camera phone. Yuck. But, it's a picture. :)


Melissa said...

You look great! :) Such a bummer about the game. Better safe than sorry, I suppose. :)

The burp cloths are super easy. I just buy the prefolded burp cloths, and then sew ribbon on them. On the ones I pictured, I cut and pinned ribbons like tags to the edge, sewed that, and then sewed ribbon over it to make it clean looking. I've also done some where I just sew simple ribbon edging, and they look nice too, but the tag kind can double as a toy thing I figure... They really are fun, and give me something to do once the boys are in bed, especially last week while my hubby was gone. :) Happy crafting!

Jason Powers said...

WHAT?!? We dont' get to go to Houston? I quit!

Just kidding. Lotta love. You look beautifuler every day I see you, camera phone or not.

Michelle said...

Jason is way to funny, I miss you guys. Ok so I love your hair, it's different than anything you have ever done!!! You look so cute pregnant...I can't wait see your precious baby have you announced the name because I can't remember and I don't want to say it if you haven't. Love you guys and I'm bummed about the game we aren't going to be going to now....