Monday, June 30, 2008

Carson Reed

Have I ever mentioned how adorable my nephew Carson is?

I saw this picture today and it made me smile. Gosh, I love this kid.

Speaking of things that start with C-A-R. Our infant carseat from Jackson won't fit in our Saturn Ion. Yeah, I am freaking out about that. I called Graco today after I tried 3 times and begged for help. Unfortunately, there is nothing to be done and they all are basically made the same size. Our one car family thing is growing to be a hassle. However, I DID find out that you can use a carseat with out the base and use the lap belt. So, I'm going to see how secure that actually is and if it fits. I"m glad I"m finding this out now and not the day I go into labor!


Barb said...

I loved Aaron's statement yesterday in church that Carson looks like you threw Aaron in a dryer and shrunk him :)

Hmmm... bummer about the carseat! I wonder if you could call Saturn and ask if they know what carseats do fit?

Kara!!! said...

I LOVE that picture! So sute :)

lani said...

hi natalie! i was at Sean's blog and saw your post there, clicked on your name, and found your blog! anyway, i just wanted to say that we had the same issue with the carseat..we also have a Graco that doesnt fit too well in our cars. if either Chris or I are driving by ourselves we can use the base in the back seat on the passenger side but have to turn down the front seat in order for it to fit. but if we want to actually carry passengers we have to use just the carseat alone and secure it directly with the seatbelt. we've taken Caitlin out and about a couple times this week and its going ok with the carseat that way.