Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Yo Mama's Day

My pastor Sean kept referring to Mother's Day as "Yo Mama's Day"...and it stuck.
This is my 2nd Mother's Day. Amanda Espinoza's blog on inspired me to post about my Jack-Jack. I am so blessed to have a little boy. Boys are an entirely different species, I think. Sometimes I shake my head wondering where it all comes from. At 1 year he instinctively knew that sticks were swords. He knew that a car went "vroom"....I didn't teach him that. I love my little boy. I used to sometimes wonder why I was given a little boy first. Everything in me screamed girl that first pregnancy. I grew up with all sisters and one brother....I thought sometimes he was even a girl. :) I didn't know what to do with a little boy. I know now that God knew exactly what he was doing. I wouldn't trade it for the world or the lessons it has taught me.

Jackson, I love it when you......

* Hear American Idol come on and bring Daddy's guitar into the living room to play.

* Say "cheese" and rub your tummy. You are actually saying please...but I love it anyway.

* Get a boo-boo and run over for me to kiss it, even when it doesn't hurt.

* Pray. What a sweet heart you have for people already.

* Process things before you do them. You watch a lot and then go. You are so much like your Momma.

* Give me kisses and pat my back when you are giving hugs.

I love you.


Kara!!! said...

Happy Mother's Day Natalie!

Amanda said...

Happy Mother's Day!

I am so glad you were inspired. Jackson is going to grow up and be able to look back at all these memories! He is such a lucky boy to have you as his mom!!

Miss Eddie said...

What a sweet sweet blog from a sweet sweet girl. I love you and I miss you tons! Happy Mother's Day!! :)