Monday, December 03, 2007

December Beginnings

Our Saturday morning was spent up at the church from 9:00 am - 3:30 pm decorating the stage for the month of December. We were all exhausted after building set pieces, sweeping hay (which took me an hour), and setting up the stage. I am just amazed at how it all came together. It was well worth it though. I'll be even more excited as the month goes on.

Sunday night we went to my mother-in-law's company party. They invite all family members and it's designed to basically entertain the kids. They had karaoke, balloon animals, sketch artists and a clown. It was held at the newly renovated "Pearl Brewery". Pretty amazing if I say so myself. We had a great night though. Good food and a great time with the family.

He was laughing at me!!!
The greatest sister-in-law ever.

I'll be taking some time this week to rest. I only have 2 things this week. Whoo hoo....I'm super excited to spend some time with my hubby. Since we've been married we have always had 2 or 3 weekly commitments. Jason just finished teaching the turbo class at church and now we will be home 3 nights a week. don't know how excited I am. This weekends sermon really challenged me. It's okay to say "No"!'s okay to say No. ......yeah...


Stephanie said...

Ya'll did a great job decorating the stage for the Christmas season! It looked wonderful Sunday morning...*smiles* And, maybe it's just my super-sensitive-preggo-nose, but I could totally smell the hay that was up onstage...and it really helped to enhance the message...*smiles* Glad to hear you'll be getting some much-needed rest/quality time with your hubby! Enjoy!

Natalie said...

yeah i smelled it too and had an allergy attack!

Four Powells said...

The stage looked amazing! You brought tears to my eyes when you sang "Away in a Manger." I've always been so amazed at your voice, but for some reason your voice struck me especially this Sunday. Why don't you have a cd out??????? Oh, and yay for saying "no!" I got a lot out of Sunday's sermon as well!!

Kara said...

Seriously, the stage was awesome. I loved everything about it and I loved the music. I really appreciate all that you do - I really do!

Natalie said...

stop being so nice people!!!

jk. I do love you all!