Thursday, October 11, 2007

Days Outside

On Saturday, Jason and I decided to venture out to Gruene, TX. It's so close, yet feels like we are getting away from our hectic life. This is a little late in getting out, but I had to share these oh so cute pictures of Jack - Jack.

One of my dearest and "bestest" friends, Terra Jean Phelps, is having to say goodbye to her husband for 15 months! He is leaving for Iraq in December. So, Tuesday night Jason and I had her kiddos overnight and spend yesterday morning at the park. It's the LEAST I could do for them. I wished it could have been a week for them. I can't imagine saying goodbye to Jason for over a year.
We've had a great week. Things have seemed to slow down a bit. I'm enjoying life.

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Kara said...

Life has slowed down a bit for me as well - isn't it a great feeling? I love soaking it in...