Monday, September 17, 2007

Where is Fall?

I want to see the leaves turn color. I want to jump in them. I want go sit on my swing in the front yard and drink hot cocoa. I want God to bring me cooler weather!!

God where are you? ha.

I'm sure there are more important things I could call on Him for. It just reminds me that usually my "cry out to Jesus" moments are about "my needs" and maybe not really where His heart is. This week at worship practice we talked about what it would look like to move the heart of God. I believe that God wants us to experience Him, but all to often I am too concerned about myself in worship. Can you imagine what our lives would look like if we focused on moving the heart of God more?

God, let us be a generation that seeks your face.....your will...your heart....your desires. Give me clean hands and a pure heart.

Oh and God? Seriously, cooler weather would be awesome.


The Powell Family said...

Amen to all of that! Especially the plea for cooler weather! :) As Connor would say, "Nigh-Nigh!" I'm off to bed!

Kara said...

A bunch of leaves are falling from the trees in our backyard - I think better hair days are on the way!

Kelly Newcom said...

That's why we leave our AC set at 80 all summer.

We can turn it down to 76 now and feel "nice crisp fall air".

Just kidding......about turning it down to 76, that is.

Not about leaving our AC at 80....that is what we really do.