Monday, June 25, 2007

The Weekend

Friday night we went to play putt-putt golfing at Embassy Golf with the college group and I ....lost....bad. It was a blast nonetheless. Anyone in a wheel chair or someone who can't walk up stairs could never play there though. It was so mad!!!! We had Jackson's stroller with us and had to carry it up the stairs after every hole. Next time I will carry him on my back or get a babysitter. (JK)

We kept my neice Abby and nephew Carson last night while Aaron and Bre celebrated their 4th anniversary! We had a blast with them. It's exciting to see them all grow up together. Happy Anniversary Aaron and Bre. You are the best!


Adams Family said...

Hi Natalie! Thanks for the comment on our was great to hear from you!! McKenna inspired me to try this whole blog thing and I am enjoying it.

It sounds like you guys are doing well...and your little boy is TOO CUTE!

Michelle said...

AWWW how cute!! I love that last picture of Jackson. Natalie, don't worry I am horrible at putt putt, Sometimes I just say forget it and take the maximum points. LOL

Ryan said...

Natalie, you need to take a close-up picture of Jackson's eyes. They are so stinkin cute.