Thursday, June 21, 2007

New adventures

Okay so I'm back from Chicago. Simply amazing. My creative tank is full and I'm ready to unleash the ideas!! You will hopefully see many if you attend River City. I needed it so bad.

I got back from Chicago and Jackson cried. Odd huh? I got in the car and he smiled and then broke down into tears. It was the saddest moment. It took him a couple of days to realize I wasn't leaving him. Everytime I put him in bed he would scream bloody murder. So glad that's over. :)

Jackson has been talking up a storm for all you family people wanting to know. He says "Hi Daddy", "Uh Oh", "Mama", "Hi", "Bye-Bye" and still screams at random things. Oh and he realizes what cell phones do. What's sad is that when I'm driving and he's playing with mine he somehow knows to talk on it then. How sad is that? I'm not a good example I guess.

NO, NO, NO he's not walking. Part of me is glad though because the minute he does I will never stop. He is almost there, but I would give it another month or so.

So have any of you been to Portland?? If so, please let me know all the REALLY cool things to do there. Any less than "really cool" and I will be upset. You know that cool people must do cool things.

Okay yeah no........just let me know what to do there. :)

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Michelle said...

Jackson called me the other day, well I'm assuming it was him, no one said anything but your phone number called me. LOL I miss you