Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Family Visits

My dear old dad came to San Antonio to visit us this weekend. I happen to be a daddy's girl and was really looking forward to him coming. My sister and her boyfriend came too and we got to spend some time with them too. Interestingly enough it ended up being a fairly calm weekend. Oh, but wait....there was the night we all went to dinnner and my my Mom came. They are divorced, but are still good friends...at times. This particular evening ended up turning into a discussion (to put it nicely) about McCain and Obama. Oh you can only imagine the joy that filled me sitting in that restaurant. My parents are on complete opposite sides and could't be more different. They are also both really loud.....oh the joys of politics. :) I just sat, smiled and moved over to another table.

Anyway, it really did end up being a great weekend. I really though Sunday night I was going into labor. I have been having painful contractions the past nights. They end up going away after 45 min. though. I have my 36 week appointment today and will now go every week from this point on!! It's getting so real and so close.

Jackson started MDO today. I have to post his new little boy hair cut. I'll get that up later on. It's so cute and he looks so big! Of course, when I dropped him off he didn't even say bye. He just went to the toys and with his back to me he said, "Yuv You".

So sweet.

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Lynn McCord said...

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall to hear that conversation.